Corbett FC Residential Football School– A joint venture of Corbett Football Club and Amenity Public School has been envisioned to become the foremost nurturing grounds for young and emerging talent in the country.

A footballer’s journey from a ‘potential footballer’ to a ‘successful footballer’ passes through expert coaches, top footballers in the world, facilities and infrastructure matching international levels, and a reliable emotional and mental support system. Only this allows him to bloom as an accomplished sportsman. For every budding footballer that needs a ‘guru’, and surely all of them do, Corbett FC fulfills this responsibility.


Football is a high action game. It requires relentless practice, determination, grit, and passion. But that is not all. The groundwork has to begin with high-quality coaching and training infrastructure, which is sorely lacking in the country today. We have not kept pace with other Asian countries in terms of infrastructure and training methodologies.

We want to transform this picture of Indian football. For all those young kids itching for a structured progress plan, we want to be there for you with international standard training programs, coaches, regular tournaments and opportunities to experience and excel on the global football arena.

We realize that contributing to the development of future Indian footballers is not only our dream but also a responsibility that our countrymen have entrusted us with their respect and adoration.

Through the engine of Corbett FC, we endeavor to propel young Indian footballers into the global football arena and make our dreams come alive…